Friday, March 20, 2009

Strategic Management – BSC

In today’s environment, it is increasingly critical for businesses of all sizes to ensure allocating resources and efforts to be the best possible use.  Starting in the 50’s with pioneering work from GE and advanced to it’s modern iteration by Dr Robert Kaplan and Dr David Norton, the Balanced Scorecard approach is now being used throughout the world.

In thinking about this system, I think it is a perfect fit for mind mapping to create a system for implementation.  The system creates a dynamic feedback loop to ensure strategy and vision is being carried out on all levels of a business organization.  It also purports to have the ability to discern dysfunctional efforts before they can show up on the bottom line (normal retrospective management) … thus taking a look at this could present valuable insight into the dynamics of business in our evolving and challenging economic

The mindmap I created in MindManager 8 is just a beginning framework for the system.   By utilizing this framework you can flesh out a system to use for your needs.  The design of the metrics to measure lends itself extremely well to this design and insertion of tables or spreadsheets allows for immediate drill down to important items.  On more subjective metrics, one can use the ability of a map to conceal and allow a great amount of detail in the basic structure of the map … the focus feature of MindManager allows you to view your selected area easily with one click.

By laying all facets of the overview to be captured in one map is the visual representation of the blending of Vision and Strategy for all to see.  It creates a “priceless” roadmap to execution for businesses of all sizes and shapes …

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