Sunday, March 29, 2009

MM Time Saver & Possible Netbook Center …

With the increasing penetration of netbooks into the mobile space, I kept thinking a quick methods to hit all of the important functions that one would need on the fly and how they could be implemented … several obvious choices occured …. use the new google chrome method of creating standalone windows for applications …. open up firefox with saved tabs ….. all based on premise that almost anything we do now can be found in the cloud …

3-29-2009 7-51-59 AMAs I thought about this and wondered about resources on the smaller netbooks and speed of use,  I tried a little experiment using MindManager 8 and the embedded browser (note that I already use it for project dashboard to keep all maps, docs and sheets linked into an active space – one map) … this first screen shot shows a quick map of the idea … I opened up all my google apps in one map and simply hit the links to open them in the browser … one big distinction here is the windows are being opened and closed within mindmanager rather than being switched in a windowed environment … the resources used by doing this should be extremely manageable and would serve the same utility as having multiple applications and windows on your desktop but without the bloat of leaving all of the working ….

3-29-2009 7-53-06 AMThe second screenshot shows an email that I  transformed into a document (see earlier posts on using gmail within MM8) and you can see now that it can be instantly retrieved from my gdocs account and I use that to make notes, etc on something that appears to be significant as far as thoughts go ….

3-29-2009 8-12-32 AMLets extend this one more time by looking the dashboard  with a map I made and highlighted in showing the integration of MM8 and Evernote … note how this now uses the dashboard and has the map as integrated into the dashboard … the utility is obvious now, you can integrate a project you have isolated now right into your current dashboard without skipping a beat, just insert a map and go ….

3-29-2009 8-19-06 AMThe last item I tried was using the browser to work on a  spreadsheet right in the map … I now have ALL my current work right on the map and it serves as a true dashboard … rather leaving all the windows and work open up individually, open up the one map and instantly have all the access of multiple spaces that you need (not to mention the ability to alter what you want opened as easily as adding or deleting from this map) and not have to waste all the resources of the netbook or any machine ….  I am not using a netbook, but would be fascinated to hear from those using them how this idea works for you ….

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