Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Presentation Technology …

The old visual technology for presentations was and still remains the standard powerpoint slide show … my archives on ways to present concepts took some forays away from that, but basically built upon more creative and impactful ways of presentation … the first clues that there were better ways was when I took and Inkseine presentation and used it to convey my ideas, this was simply a much more visceral way of getting ideas across, this was impactful because the vivid images were so different from the norm ….  well I think today there is a serious departure from that melding the old powerpoint tool with the ability to follow a flow not dictated by the slide order, but the ideas ….

This method is like using a mindmap, so what better way to lay out a concept than a map … I normally use MindManager 8 to set up ANY idea or process (although you could use any mapping application that has the export to powerpoint) … the first diagram is an example  of a quick map …. 3-8-2009 7-49-39 AM

The first step is to export to export to powerpoint …. (this map represents an example of a new presentation) …. enter the new add in to powerpoint that creates this magic … pptPlex

This is another new tool from Microsoft Labs …. it is a program that takes powerpoint and creates an interactive presentation unlike any that you are accustomed to …   the next pic is what your map now looks like as a pptPlex presentation … 3-8-2009 8-14-37 AM note that there are several predefined templates and the application will build your presentation into this format … notice that your map is now represented in the top row of bubbles …

This next clip is what happens with a left click on the first bubble … notice your map topic that was the 3-8-2009 8-18-17 AMintroduction … I chose for simplicity a top level export, but you can export a rich topic with lots of detail for presentation ….

The magic comes in as you continue to drill into the topic … just left click to get as much granularity as you like ….. 3-8-2009 8-21-41 AM 3-8-2009 8-22-35 AM


Then simply right click to go out … and back as far as you like or jump to another area … by having the ability to go to specific topics and direction, the presentation can be a simple powerpoint show as you would normally have, but is also has the ability to go from topic to summary to topic to ???  you go as the flow and the audience dictates … 3-8-2009 8-26-56 AMthis final shot is the same presentation with a different background (there are several very cool templates to choose from) …  there is a learning curve with this so follow the tutorials … watch the videos first to get an overview, then dig in …. this new powerpoint add-in takes presentations and gives them new life and meaning … this is the tool I have been searching for to take my maps to another level of visual impact ….  awesome

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