Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Showing a Concept Diagram in MM8 …

Building on my use of google docs and MindManager 8, there was a posting on the googledocs blog that spotlighted a new feature that truly rocks … they have introduced the ability to create drawings or sketches both with predefined figures or freehand … it has all the utility of sketching that you can do in many other note taking applications … the difference is that you embed the drawing in a google doc, which of course can be exported in word down on your computer OR ….

3-25-2009 9-47-34 PM

Open in a MindManager window by using the embedded browser to illustrate a concept or just open your own personal art work … because it is a document that can be worked, you have an infinite whiteboard AND you can use the collaboration features of docs and make it a group document … have fun ….

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