Saturday, March 21, 2009

PostIt Notes … Web Style

imageI have always used PostIt notes … sometimes to the  point of covering over notes with notes … lol   so much for my ffs (funky filing system) … I have been searching on line for a replacement ever since playing with computers … have never found anything that was quite right for my uses … started way back with the original PostIt notes software by the postit note people … the greatest feature was printing out postit notes that I could put on my pile … lol x2 …

Well enter an old web based service, lino it   that I tried a while back … I checked the new feature set and this really looks promising … the key is the very visual nature of the interface … something akin to the corkboard and note metaphor that we are used to … there is something about familiarity that creates that warm and fuzzy feeling 3-21-2009 9-08-55 AM… here is the shot of the notes creation panel …as you can see, you have a basic note color pad, but notice that you can have photos, movies, attachments and transparent notes .. quite a note pad to start … once you click on a note, you will have further options to create dated reminders and other formatting features to allow you a lot of choices including tags and icons … whew, lots and lots of ways to create and emphasize.

I like to put notes up for reminders, so the little calendar with highlighted dates for reminders is great and is like all my other electronic calendars … the ease of creation 3-21-2009 9-05-21 AMof the basic note makes it effortless to use and like the actual sticky notes, you can put them wherever on the board you like (one other helpful view is the full canvas view on the calendar that allows you to see all your notes at once) …

You can create multiple panels and share public panels for group work and collaboration … anything you can do with a postit you can do with linoit … take the tour and see examples … I think I may finally have something I am going to use ….

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