Thursday, March 05, 2009

Like the Movies ….


I remember watching in awe at Tom Cruise manipulating data on a huge screen in Minority Report … it was a glimpse into touch screen data manipulation … enter the touch enabled line of HP Touchsmart desktop PC’s and I was able to play with movement and work on a new environment that promised a much more visceral interface with the computer … as many iphone users (and itouch too) can attest, the interface using touch is incredibly intuitive and brings all users one step closer to the future of computing …

I have multi touch capability on my X61t tablet PC and I use it sparingly as the capability is no where near the present environment … the new HP tablets have the touch capability (not the 2730) and the Dell XT2 … these offerings allow you the touch screen like the desktop units … here is laptop magazine’s test of new Dell shipping on April 9th … The HP’s are already available and are playing to great reviews …  enough product plugs, this is where I was going …

In the Microsoft Office Labs blog, there was posted a great video show what they called the TouchWall  … demonstrating this was none other than Mr Gates at a recent conference …. it is a great few minutes spent watching the meshing of the hardware and software to make something like the movies … could this be the future of computing?

I have two more entries that I will be working on in the next few days … I am exploring the use of powerpoint and note applications that rock ….. stay tuned

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