Monday, August 01, 2011

GoFileDrop, A Quick Way To Share Files ...

Working with google gmail accounts and useable by both regular and apps accounts, this service can be a godsend to getting efficient transfer of larger files. The service allows for a "public" address that is linked to your gmail account and will appear as another box or folder in your gmail. So you send upload link to colleague, he/she simply puts files in box and you now have them in your inbox ... simple, fast and effective for those times when attachments, downloads and opening on your desktop is not the flow you envisioned ... there is free account available ....

GoFileDrop now works with Gmail accounts — Online Collaboration

Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Tip - New Folder

Quick tip to create new folders ... Win 7 only tip that works like a charm, much quicker way to create a new folder in any directory or desktop .... real timesaver

Quickly Create New Folders in Windows 7 with the Ctrl+Shift+N Shortcut

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Create a Net Connect Desktop ...

I found this one earlier today and it doesn't work yet on Firefox 6 ... so I loaded version 5 and tried the app ... similar to Chrome creating standalone apps, this handy firefox extension adds that ability and a few more to customize use. If you have some webapps that you use more like standalone applications, here is a way to have them handy on your desktop just like having a functioning program on your laptop or netbook. I think also as more development is done on html5 you will soon have the flexibility of being able to work on applications that you load as webapps offline ... this is setting the stage for a complete takeover over the cloud services now that can dominate the functionality of your basic mobile computing experience.

For now, this is a great start for you firefox users ... WebRunner Turns Webapps Into Desktop Apps

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Electronic Signatures made easier ...

Just unveiled today a new free addition to docusign ... this is link to website to explain the service ... really does come in handy though and need to watch space now as adobe acquired a competitor which probably means another serious entry in e signature space ...

Your World Works Better With DocuSign | Electronic Signature, e-Sign, and Digital Signatures from DocuSign

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quickly Create a New Text Document Anywhere with the Right-Click > W > T Shortcut

This is a great tip that could streamline a lot of processes for you .....

Quickly Create a New Text Document Anywhere with the Right-Click > W > T Shortcut

I used this to create a text file in my dropbox folder ... this served two large purposes ... 1) it quickly gave me a repository for a thought that had popped up and 2) it synched up to all my computers and even my ipad via the dropbox application. To use this again is very simple,
go to your target folder
right click
hit W and T
bingo .. you will see a new text file that you can name ... click on it and type away
don't forget to save and close

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mindmanager for ipad ... critical tool is now available

I have started playing with an ipad now and of course it was crucial for me to have and use mindmapping. As Mindmanager is my key goto tool, it was a relief to see this post.

Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps: Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone! | The Mindjet Blog

I am using this and find that the cloud sync and store is very very handy to keep maps right at hand on the ipad ... app is easy to use but lacks formatting to make things all pretty, but that is a small price to pay for the utility of having the tool handy on the instant on ipad ...

View ZIP and RAR Files in Google Docs with this Handy Extension

Now added to google docs internally ... you can see files contained in ZIP or RAR format without having to directly convert ... what a timesaver!!!

View ZIP and RAR Files in Google Docs with this Handy Extension

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gmail, Gtasks, Gcalendar & Gdocs … the Gatekeepers ….

As a followup to using Gmail as a tasking and knowledge management tool … this is a simple discussion of taking some of the new capabilities of the G4 and turning them into the gatekeeper of an efficient cloud based system to keep you on track and in the flow ….

Many systems using the ideas of GTD and work flow exist and work for many … I tend to create my own structures within my space to enable my mind to freely flow rather than be encumbered by rules and things that I might forget and then have to redo …  so this has emerged from the chaos of trying to stay focused but yet trying so many “systems” to me that way ….

Let’s start with our core application, email … from there emerges most of the pathways that you normally take … ie, when an email thread contains information that must be kept and referenced, or dates emerge of importance that then must reference information, deadlines and tasks need to be not forgotten … etc etc

You get the picture … one of8-1-2009 12-10-05 PM my most used integrations now is the task feature on gmail … it pops out the list that I can quickly add info to and put in deadlines, etc … this new task feature is enabled in the labs section and then appears in your left hand column as I have circled …

The neat thing is now the tasks are also on the Google 8-1-2009 12-14-13 PM calendar app, same button on the left side, same enabling in lab feature .. and Same task list from Gmail … now it is a simple thing to add a calendar item and create an alert (my calendar synchs to my blackberry … mobile heaven) …. see below another great feature for calendar … the world clock as I have many contacts internationally that allows me a quick overview of times and places ….

Now going back to the gmail screen … here’s where it really gets fun … now I have all sorts of choices for 8-1-2009 12-21-22 PM information storage … if you notice at the of my screen in the browser bookmark area … I can use Evernote, which also allows me to take any website or any info into a completely searchable web and desktop interface … or my new experiment  Spring it captures it into Springpad which also allows for web access … way more powerful recall engines for those info challenged types like myself … also covered earlier is the create document option of google docs that allows for document creation from the entire email string … this allows searchability and easy cut and paste into more spreadsheet or document work in your docs space …

Obviously with the google gears, you now have an application space and web system that allows you complete portability, searchability and useability … did I miss any bilities?   Have fun and play … this one works and gives you a great basis to create something that will work for you ….