Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ultimate Mobility, the Virtual World ...

Many many exciting things happening almost daily .... yestereday I noticed that Cisco had created a virtual hospital to showcase technology and design for the future ... the virtual world is exploding as the utility of this environment is now not only accepted, but it becoming the singular point source for interface of the global population ... we are evolving from the industrial age to the information age and the change as always is disruptive and only clear through a rear view mirror .... you may be wondering how this has anything to do with mobile musings, well, I feel we are at an inflection point and enabling the next wave is being sorted out rapidly ... to be mobile now and in the future, I think the term mobility has to be broadened to encompass not only in the real world, but the virtual worlds of the future ....

Witness this excerpt from a press release today from the Association of Virtual Worlds ... "Jacksonville, Fla. (PRWEB) February 28, 2008 – The new Association of Virtual Worlds announces plans to launch a virtual business and social world for its members.
“The brand new Association of Virtual Worlds has as its mission to provide a leadership environment for companies and individuals passionate about the future of virtual worlds and as such it makes perfect sense to be the first such association to offer its members an exciting virtual world of their own,” says founder Edita Kaye.
Dave Elchoness, Executive Director explains “providing a virtual world environment is the next step—beyond Web 2.0 with its signature social networks—into Web 3-D. Why create a virtual world for members? To provide a real-time environment for meetings, conferences, collaboration, and social interaction and engagement with less cost, disruption, and environmental impact than physical travel. It doesn’t matter if you want to meet someone from around the world or the office next door, the Association of Virtual Worlds will help make it happen in a setting that feels ‘in-person’.”
The virtual world environment planned by the Association of Virtual Worlds is being designed for both the virtual worlds veteran as well as the new-comer to the virtual experience. It will be web-based, user-friendly, requiring no special download or strain on bandwidth, just web access.
“If a member can use the Internet, that member will be able to use the virtual world currently on the Association of Virtual Worlds’ drawing board,” adds Elchoness.

The Association of Virtual Words is a global industry association for the rapidly growing virtual worlds industry. It serves as a resource for those wishing to experiment and explore virtual worlds for work or play. The Association’s mission is to educate, network, recruit, and further the membership’s collective goals.

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I will be blogging later a new concept I am developing to harness the power of the Virtual Worlds to collaborate and innovate ..... more to follow

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