Monday, February 20, 2006

Foldera ... A New Spin on Project Management

I noticed to day in Techcrunch a new posting on a soon to be released web based software that uses an old paradigm in a new and totally refreshing way .... Foldera uses folders as containers for all methods of data and interchange .. it can hold IM's, files, emails, notes, collaborative messages, and web based sharing all through a familiar folder metaphor. I went to the web site and downloaded their white paper on the use of the product and it was a fascinating 13 pager.

The testing is opening up to beta and it appears the startup is well funded and capitalized ... pretty amazing show of confidence as the product is not yet out .... I have signed up for an account, so will keep up on this, at first glance this may be an essential application for remote project management ... being entirely web based brings a whole new dimension to work ... you will not be tied to a specific machine or operating system .... just need access to the web ... take a look at this one as it may become the wave of the future ....

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