Friday, April 21, 2006

Master Project Manager Module ... the Real World

We are ready to embark on a major project and I realized that much information and design was scattered on many docs, spreadsheets, pdf's, and maps ... what to do to help being not overwhelmed as the project moves forward ... I have uncovered many sources of nuts and bolts for managing projects and have all the software, but I keep coming back to the flexibility of a mind map ... read a great article on using maps to manage by INNOVATIONtools that gave me the kernel I needed to think this through in my situation ... (I got there by looking on a great resource site ... The Mind Mapping Software Weblog ) ... taking this idea and creating a framework suited to my situation I have come up with what I call my Master Project Manager Module for lack of a better title ... this map will be my container for all the bits and pieces that go into assembling a project and getting it going. Along the way there are numerous resources and ideas that can be thrown into the mix and kept for ready reference or having a plan B when things go wrong. Importantly, all the information is then on ONE map for quick focus ... as the work progresses to the final project implementation, the map will also serve as an archive to all that went into it. Valuable is the ability to bore down on a task or item or looking at the big picture by expanding all items ... you can have as much granularity as you like and still maintain the ability to grasp the big picture .... this is the beginning framework ... I will post more as the concept gets fleshed out and put to use ....

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