Monday, May 18, 2009

Using Waste to Make Fertilzer …

Today Converted Organics announced that they are supplying to Whole Food Stores their all-natural fertilizers.  They have previously announced supply to Home Depot and with these high level associations have created a market for a new line of fertilizer products that are not dependent on oil and chemicals.  I believe this is a giant step in the right direction.  In the next few installments, I will outline what I perceive as the ultimate answer to the use of fertilizers and our food.

imageOur vision has long been that using natural fertilizer products will produce better and stronger plants that provide more nutrition and taste better.  Countless studies have shown the validity of these claims …  at the right here are actual photos from Biochar Info showing graphically the effects of one of the ammendments from our process. 

The photos show the difference in growth between plants grown in plain soil and with the simple addition of the Biochar.  The second photo is a comparison of growth using Biochar and NPK fertilizer vs what is most usually employed now … Chemical NPK fertilizer.


What is this magic ingredient … BIOCHAR is simply carbonaceous material that we commonly refer to as charcoal.

Simplistically, this readdition of carbon directly back into the soil creates a carbon sink that also allows for greater health in the soil (obvious in the way the plants are flourishing) …

Biochar was “discovered” when researchers started looking into super soils in the amazon that are called Terra Preta soils … rich black in constitution, the soils provided the ultimate in crop husbandry as the production to this day of soils dubbed terra preta are unmatched.

Next we will look into natural nutrients ….

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