Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From the Cloud to the Desktop and Back …

Got notification of release of beta download for a new service that truly could be a game changer … OffiSync

This was the missing link for me as I like using Google Docs as a basic file repository … problems sometimes crept up with funny formatting, etc and I always came back to my desktop … well this new service is an addon that adds a section to the top ribbon 5-19-2009 7-20-23 PM (see below) … I had created this document on my google docs account and then used the MS Word application on my desktop to load it … the neat thing is that you can now save the document back to the net, to your computer or both … If you are using a netbook with limited storage (SSD equipped units) or simply would like to have your work available from anywhere, this is an incredibly powerful option.


The service allows this to be carried to any Office 2003 or 2007 file and application … one big thing that is extremely valuable is the Google Docs collaboration feature …  by hitting the 5-19-2009 7-25-38 PM

collaboration button on the ribbon, up pops the collaboration screen where you simply type in an email and you are good to go … I use the collaboration feature a lot, and this is as seamless as it gets … by being able to operate entirely in the clouds, entirely on your desktop or somewhere in between … that is the potential and unrealized power of a seamless experience from the desktop and beyond ….


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