Monday, March 10, 2008

Update on an old favorite ....

It has been a long while since Microsoft has updated Foldershare ... so it was with great excitement and anticipation that I read this this morning on jkOnTheRun ...

"One of the most useful tools for owners of multiple mobile devices is the free Windows Live FolderShare. A good thing gets better today since FolderShare gets an update that promises:
• A new website designed to makes managing your FolderShare libraries and computers even easier.
• A new FolderShare with a better setup, a better system tray menu, and better performance on Windows Vista.
• Improvements on the backend to keep FolderShare running more smoothly and reliably.

FolderShare is great way to keep files and folders in sync between computers... even a Mac and PC. Yup, you can download FolderShare for either OS right here and start keeping files in sync today. I keep most of my data in the cloud, but once my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium arrives, I'll be testing out some file synching between it and my MacBook Pro."

I have since downloaded and installed on my desktop and tablet and am a happy camper ... the tablet is running Vista Ultimate and the desktop is an XP Pro machine, so the new Foldershare promises to play better with Vista ... seems to be up and running without skipping a beat, so all you syncers out there ... go over to the new Foldershare and try it ...

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