Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Application, New Idea, New Process ... PotF

PotF ... Presentation on the Fly ... literally ... I have been super busy in the last few weeks so sorry for not posting, but here is something that I used that may be very helpful to those who might need this ... I have been preparing for a presentation today and did not have everything I needed till I was about to catch my plane a day ago ... I am writing this from 50 km south of Beijing from my hotel in Lang Fang getting ready for a meeting in a couple hours .. what I was presented with was having to create a very technical and intricate presentation to a group where many did not speak english ... I find in this sort of thing, the more visual the presentation the better and the fewer words the better (actually that goes for any presentation .....) When I got on the plane from Honolulu yesterday I started sketching out my ideas on my notebook and then arrived at what I was going to do and started working ... well enter the new application by Microsoft Research ... Inkseine (like insane ..) it is dynamite ... go to the link to explore as it is really a must have if you work on a tablet (only inking ...)

Here are two shots from my presentation ... a little crude, bad handwriting, but I think you get the picture ... it really works ... I am ready for a meeting with all my data linked on a personal brain for the meeting so I can go to any full doc ... the presentation I printed to a pdf and will use that instead of a powerpoint .... for those of you with NICE Handwriting (easy to find better than my efforts ..) a very good presentation could be assembled and it would stand out ... great stuff .. I will use this again .... took me a total of probably 8 hours of total work to get it done, but very critical meeting ... that is really fast in developing this and it allows you total control and speed ... try it ....

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