Friday, June 26, 2009

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Cloud ….

For the past couple of weeks I have been totally laid out with a summer cold … first one in years and it took it’s toll … fuzzy brain and all …  Well, I’m back and I have been thinking about a kind of summary piece for all of you to bring you up to where I am currently ….

As you know I started this blog with the idea of searching for the best mix of hardware and software for mobility and utility … over the past years and myriad hardware choices, I have settled on the Thinkpad series of tablet PC’s as my primary machines for this purpose … one of the best testaments is always in the reliability, utility and support for the machine … I have had several opportunities to need support for my hardware and I have always gotten immediate and effective help from IBM (now Lenovo) … I needed to reformat my drive earlier this year and they got me the discs in a couple of days from Atlanta (I am in

Hawaii) and that was eye opening … not only are the machines super well built, but they will never be out of place in any business setting … very important point!  My current machine is a Thinkpad X61t …  review and photo courtesy of Tablet PC Review dot com


In the coming installments I am going to cover an assortment of topics highlighting the solutions that I employ for various tasks like syncing, bookmarking, notes, productivity, mapping, collaboration, project management, and a catchall section on hybrid solutions including how I am using my Blackberry Pearl as an extension of my work flow …  I have arrived on these choices based on integration and ease of use, productivity gains, and cost .. not all of the services I use are free, but most are and serve me will …  watch the blog for next installments coming soon …..

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