Thursday, April 16, 2009

Defining a Pathway to Success

It seems that there has been in recent times great amounts of discussion on the importance of success in light of the troubling times we are in.  Innovation does not follow a simple path, but a path can help innovation … I have attempted to illustrate this idea by putting together a simple map showing how you could take an idea to the next step and put simple framing around it ..

The map shows how you would take an idea and attempt to define it as a starting point … visualize what the end point would be and Innovation Pathwaydeconstruct to doable chunks or milestones … remember though that this is a dynamic process … innovation or processes have a life of their own … failure is a big part of success as long as you learn from the failures …

The iterations or tasks are done by building, testing and refining … failure defines the refining and the loop continues until you are ready to move to the next phase.  The end point is simply another beginning and success or failure is measured by several metrics.  The modern measure is the effect of the change or product on Society, the Environment, and finally the Profits of your Company.

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