Thursday, August 07, 2008

I have a new backup plan ....

For those of you who have followed my posts, I am a longtime advocate of Foldershare who was acquired my Microsoft and continues to be a solid choice to keeping things in sync on multiple computers ... the process was not without it's flaws, but more than served it's intended purpose that of keeping me from catastrophic failure without backup of current data .. the biggest plus was the real-time backup of changing and new files ... this was flawless and I kept 3 computers as my redundant array of backup.

Enter the new kid on the block ... Dropbox ... discovered this as initial buzz on the net was largely positive and I picked out some things that were clearly superior and items that I had always yearned for in the Foldershare app ... Dropbox did the same things and appeared to do them quicker (simply an observation with no actual data to quantify the statement) ... the one big item was the data was synched to the web rather than computer to computer, so as long as I had internet connection, the backup was being done in the same real-time manner ... now early on this proved itself to be an invaluable item as I mistakenly changed a file and saved the wrong iteration ... well the second big item was saving revisions, so I simply went to the web, brought up the old version of the item and restored it on my computer ... saved my you know what and made me look like a genius all be accident as I had just switched over.

Another nice feature is the ability of my tablet pc to be synced up to my latest data whenever I turn it on. My tablet is my remote and travel companion and data must be up to date to make the work flow for me. Up to this point with the older method, I would either have to leave my desk machine on and perform the synch by having both available on the net or have both on at my desk, let them synch and then go .... not a good flow pattern, especially if you are in a hurry or you simply forget (senior moments) ... with the dropbox, you get to just turn it on with a connection and the synch is done from the net ... way better for my purposes ...

Dropbox is a killer app and takes the pain out of backup for work or critical files, it has other items in it's design that can be explored by going to the website, the app is in beta, but you can leave your address for beta testing and I didn't have to wait when I did it, so drop over and look at the video and leave your name ... just a final note, the dropbox team, in particular Jon Ying are super responsive and a pleasure to work with ... highly recommened app that is used now on my machines

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