Thursday, December 06, 2007

Note Taking & the Brain ...

I read a couple of fascinating posts today and I wanted to share them with you ... the first is on digital vs paper notes, great read at jkOnTheRun , then a fascinating discussion by Tim Ferris blog regarding a true note taking geek ... both great reads and getting back to info management ... speaking of which ... I am revisiting an old friend, the Brain, and am really enjoying the newest version, I had started with version 1.0 and typically used it for awhile and dropped it only to come back and try the next iteration ... well, we are now on 4.0 and it is coming together well and I am finding it very good ... in fact, I am organizing a presentation this week using it ... will blog later on this use and get into the software ... take a look at the Brain site and see why I am so excited with it ... gives you the visual presentation and allows for associative thinking ... cool stuff

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