Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Application Shows Great Promise ...

Hi all, been feverishly working on a new project so have been a little quiet ... I was emailed by a new group that has an application out called Comapping .. this is a great web based tool for mindmapping ... I tried it over the past few days to work on some of my project and was totally blown away by the interface ... see first shot ... I see the purpose of this application to create an interface that doesn't interfere with the idea flow .... normally in the course of my day I tend to switch between machines and have several different settings for the screen real estate ... this new web based app truly shines in fully utilizing the screen ... it is truly seamless in the way the map grows out and extremely fluid in highlighting your work ... one of the big problems as your map grows on a small screen is readjusting the view as you go from branch to branch ... in this app, you just go to the branch and hit tab, it then fills the screen .... everything is fluid and is the best implementation of a web based map that I have found to date.

Of prime importance to my work is the interchange between anything I am doing with my MindManager desktop app ... Comapping shines in this, below is the mind map that I took to MindManager ... really smooth ... so far so good, I would give this 5 stars on ease of use ... this is simply an app that was made to work and get out of your way while creating ... in that sense, it is what this genre is supposed to be ... (PS, Maps are all in one flavor of presentation format ... interesting discussion on their site re that basis for this ... there seems to be a lot of basis and thought behind the design and implementation ... it works for me )

PPS ... service is free to try and will be for charge after 30 days ... $11.99 for 6 months

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